Invent Media PLT is founded in 2008, we are a company that provides printing and design services for all range of customers. Invent Media is strategically located at Taman Impian Emas, JB, Malaysia. Our printing services cover digital printing, litho-offset printing, and large format printing etc.

With our strategic office location, our main sources of customers are students from Southern College University, Raffles University Iskandar and Seri Omega Private And International School. Invent Media does not only cover clients from School, we are also providing services to developers , such as SKS Group, Scientex Quatari Sdn. Bhd., R&F Development Sdn. Bhd. and also government sector, like Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru.

With our exceptional quality of indoor poster design and printing, Invent Media wins the hearts of many branded companies like, Essilor (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. and MOG Eyewear Distribution Sdn Bhd. Our speed delivery motto is one of the main drivers that attract customers who require immediate support (within 2 hours) like Nirvana Memorial Park (Kulai) Sdn.Bhd. and Soo Ah Kew Undertaker.

Our professionalism reminds us not to forgo mid and low range customers, we provide same level of services to our walk-in customers, who require our services at their convenience.